What are the best vacuum cleaners?

The winter is approaching; meaning that it’s the time for us to have some cleaning. Regardless of the size of your house, whether a stately home or a small flat, it will not clean itself.  You need a good vacuum cleaner to help you with keeping your house clean.

What do you need to know about vacuum cleaners before you purchase one? The market for vacuum cleaners is taking a different shape with the battery-less vacuum cleaners leading in sales and value addition.

How to buy the best vacuum cleaner

  • Cylinder, upright, or cordless

The old fashion of vacuum cleaners had cylinders cording, but most people now prefer the cordless ones. The cordless vacuum cleaners like Dyson v6 or V8,  are more advanced than the ones we had in the past.

The best cylinder vacs tend to do a great cleaning job on both hard floors and carpets. They are upgraded now than in the past when they could only suck stuff and air via the tube. The best cylinder vacuums have a built-in brush that scrubs the carpet while rotating.

Also, the cylinder vacs seem to be handier when it comes to cleaning your sofas and other sensitive surfaces.

On the other hand, the upright vacuum cleaners work perfectly in cleaning significant expenses of surfaces, particularly when you have some deep pile. The upright vacs also allow you to clean hard floors, although that is not the purpose they are built to serve.

Further, the upright vacs are taller, but they have smaller footprints for storage. Therefore, they tend to be easier to store away. The cylinder vacuum cleaners, on the other hand, can be dismantled to allow less storage space. But some people feel bored when it comes to the process of dismantling the cylinder vacs.

The cordless vacuum cleaners are the order of the contemporary market. The demand for these types of cleaners has been hitting high for the past few years.  If you have a relatively small home, you need to go for cordless, bagless vacs. They will serve you perfectly. Some of the cordless and bagless vacuum cleaners look simply as some chic. They are more of a style of statement.

  • Power and ratings

The old fashions of vacuum cleaners were, in a way, over-powered without any substantial reason. You can back up this statement if you observe how some cordless handhelds vacs with about 22v battery voltage are offering perfect cleaning services, especially for carpets. 

Also, you may find some types of vacuum cleaners listing their power in watts to present to buyers how powerful the motors of these vacs are. Some other types also show the power of their products in Air Watts to allow you to know how powerful the suction of the device is.

All these details are meant to confuse the buyer. You should not be misguided by them. Ensure that you observe the engine power of the device before you purchase.

Efficiency is another factor that you need to consider. The standard F to A+++ scale enables you to have an idea of how your device will be in terms of eco-friendliness. Records show that even some of the highly rated vacuum cleaners tend to have low eco-friendliness.

All you need to understand is that you are not going to use these vacs until the end of the world. Therefore, they are not likely going to make you bankrupt as a result of high electricity bills.

  • The length of the hose

Depending on the space that you need to cover, and the number of stairs you need to clean, the length of your vac’s tube can be influential. A vacuum with a short hose will limit your comfort when cleaning. Go for cleaning devices that have somewhat longer hoses. You can also buy a cordless vacuum cleaner to avoid being worried about the hose.

The best vacuum cleaners in the market

1.    Dyson V11 Absolute

This vac is considered to be the best overall in the market today, especially if your home is not enormous. Some people may not like this device claiming that its battery can run out while the cleaning process.

However, you need to keep the device plugged to the power source, and you will never complain of its battery. Also, the device contains all the suction that you may wish for when you need a good cleaning job. Dyson V11 Absolute has a power of 28-185 Aw and includes a power boost.

The device of an average weight of 2.97 kg and lasts for 20-60 minutes maximum ran time depending on your power setting.  

2.    Dyson Big Ball Animal 2

Dyson Big Ball Animal 2 has a power of 180AW and weighs 7.5kg. The device can operate at a radius of 10.4 meters.

The advantages of this device include its ability to offer you excellent cleaning services and self-righting in case it falls over.

3.    Vorwerk VK200

This vacuum cleaner is branded as the best for multi-surface cleaning. It has a power of 700W and operates on a radius of 10 meters. Vorwerk VK200 main body weighs about 3kgs.

The advantages of purchasing this vac include cool, and space-age looks, excellent cleaning for hard floors and carpets, has a brilliant hard mop head and contains a head that multitasks cleaning.

4.    Miele Dynamic U1 Powerline

Miele Dynamic U1 Powerline is popular for its extending suction tube. Its power ranges averagely at 900W and weighs 9.7kg. The machine allows you to operate at a radius of 14 meters. It enables you to have a superb cleaning on carpet and is also acceptable for cleaning hard floors.

Miele Dynamic U1 Powerline has a handy extending nozzle that gives you real flexibility. 

Conclusively, the market offers you excellent deals for vacuum cleaners. You need to choose the one you like depending on your needs. The prices for the devices also differ, but most of them are affordable and easy to maintain. You also need to ensure that you get information on where to purchase the spare parts of the device you carry home in case it breaks down.